Become a distributor

How to become a distriburtor of Enagic Inc. products?

Every product user (regardless of model) can become an authorised disrtributor.

To undestand the way of becoming a distributor, please sign the form below and you will receive all the information required.
*choose to be a distributor only to use the product
**you can benefit from a free deminstration of the Enagic products

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See the full list of benefits:

  • the best prices for accesories and consumables
  • 10% discount in our shop with Kangen accesories and consumables
  • ensuring the assembly with a professional team (the only one in Romania that will assembly without having the hoses in sight)
  • support in the  harmonious developpment of the multi-level-marketing system
  • guide for the use of every type of water that the product produces
  • personalised sheet for cleaning every product

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